Features of sports arbitrage service

Beatbookies.com - sports arbitrage service has many powerful features designed to help you make a fortune in arbitrage trading. Some of the best features are listed here:

Faster arbs

We have many fast computers scanning and collecting odds every one to five minutes so that none of the odds we pass to you are older than five minutes. We collect odds directly from bookmakers by our own scripts to cut out the middle man and ensure the best bets. Arb opportunities are calculated every twenty seconds so our list is always fresh. Arbitrage opportunities are listed directly on our web page so you can find them wherever you are, not just where you receive your email.

More arbs

Most of the services offers only basic moneyline, spread sides and 1-X-2 type of arbitrages. Beatbookies sports arbitrage service offers also mixed markets surebets also known as cross-market surebets. These bets produce a lot more arbitrage opportunities than ordinary surebet types. For example we provide arbs like this: Draw No Bet Home - Home - Asian Handicap Away (+0.25) or combinations like E1(-1)-1-H2(+0.75)

Ease of use

These cross market surebets are much more complicated to calculate than ordinary surebets; That's why we have created a program to do all the work for you. Now you don't have to worry about trying to figure it out on your own. We are also using the latest web techniques (ajax,dhtml,xhtml) so that our arb service is very user friendly. You can now filter bookmakers, arb types , rules mismatches so you can avoid the basic pitfalls of arbitrage trading.

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Aiming to be the best

We are continually upgrading our service to offer new bookmakers, as well as sports and service improvements to ensure our service continues to provide you with the latest and best arbitrage events in the market. Please contact us with any suggestions you have and we may very well use your idea and reward you for doing so.